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Speaker FAQs

Common questions that are asked by speakers at Mautic Conference Global events

How long are the sessions?

All sessions are 30 minutes, with 15 minutes for Q&A and transition to the next speaker after the presentation.

What timezone is used?

Our base timezone for the event is UTC, and any times that we mention in official communications will always be referenced in UTC. If you need to convert it to your timezone we are big fans of everytimezone.com.

The agenda; session pages and our app should pick up your local timezone and show you the times in your local timezone.

What technology will be used to present?

We will be using Airmeet to organise and run the event.

Please review the step-by-step guide for speakers which you can find here.

There is also a video tutorial which can be found here.

How will I access the event platform?

You will receive a speakers invitation to the Airmeet platform. It is important that you use this link when you access the event, as you will only be able to get to the backstage area for your session with this unique link.

Please note that you must not open the event in more that one tab at any point in time.

Airmeet uses WebRTC, which can sometimes be blocked by firewalls. If you are trying to enter an Airmeet event from work, a school, or a religious organization, you may run into a Firewall issue, and you may see a black loading screen or an "Unable to connect" warning.

Check that you can access the software using this system check, well in advance of the event.

Review the documentation here for firewall details.

How does the Q&A work?

After your session finishes, the Track Lead will open the floor for questions. You will be asked to provide some questions in case there are none from the audience to start with.

Attendees can write their questions in the Q&A panel during the session, and they may be invited to the stage to ask the question directly, and/or the track lead will display the question on the screen.

Allow at least 15 minutes for the questions, and if things run over, ask people to join you in the lounge on a table to delve further into the questions.

What format / size / resolution must my video be in?

When you provide your pre-recorded session recording, it must be the raw file, ideally on a cloud hosting service, without any lower thirds or other effects as these will be applied by our video team.

The maximum size for the video file is 5 GB.
The video must be in the .MP4 format encoded with the h264 codec

Videos are played back in the platform at a resolution of 720p

Will I need to present live?

In Mautic Conference Global 2023, speakers can decide whether to provide a pre-recorded session or to present live. If you provide a pre-recorded session you must provide the recording no later than the deadline specified. For 2023 this is:

MONDAY, 29th MAY 2023

If your recording is not received before the close of play on this date, your session will need to be delivered live or withdrawn from the schedule. This is due to the time it takes our volunteers to prepare the videos for use in the event platform.

Where can I add my pronouns?

We ask that all speakers add their pronouns to their Sessionize profile if they feel comfortable doing so by editing your profile.

You will also have the option to add and modify your pronouns on your Airmeet profile.

Not sure what this means or why we are asking you to add them to your profile? Please take a look at https://www.cultureamp.com/blog/sharing-gender-pronouns-at-work/.

Will my session be recorded?

All sessions in Airmeet are recorded live and made available shortly after the session concludes for instant replay.

These videos are then used to create the versions which are shared later on the Mautic Community YouTube channel.

These videos will be at the resolution of 1080p.

How is the session managed?

A track lead is responsible for the smooth running of sessions for a block of time - usually three hours.

They will welcome you to the backstage area before your session where you can chat with them and make sure that any slides and resources you will be sharing are ready.

There is a chat facility when the session is live which allows the track lead to send you a note if they need to.

The track lead will then check that you are ready to go live, and at the time on the schedule, will start the session.

This gives attendees a countdown, and then all attendees in the room will be brought into the session.

The track lead will introduce you, bring up your slides to the screen, and hand over to you.

During the session the track lead can change the layout of the slides and webcam to best suit the presentation.

Once you are finished, the track lead will come back to the stage and open up the Q&A session, before closing down the session.

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