Training Day on 15th June

Image of Mautinaut pointing at text announcing the training day on 15th June

OS Training

We are delighted to be welcoming back OS Training who will be providing their popular training course the day before Mautic Conference Global - Tuesday, 15th June.

The half-day course will be aimed at beginner to intermediate level and will cover:

  • Introduction to Mautic
  • What is Marketing Automation?
  • How to Install Mautic
  • How to Configure and Integrate Mautic
  • How to Set Up Mautic Cron Jobs
  • How to Add Mautic Contacts
  • How to Use Mautic Components
  • How to Use Mautic Channels
  • How to Create Mautic Campaigns
  • How to Track Outcomes in Mautic
  • Plus More

Every attendee will also receive:

  • Downloadable Handouts ($9.95 retail)
  • A one year subscription to ($144/yr retail)

The session will be offered on Tuesday, 15th June, which will be a live, virtual training course.

Tickets & Schedule

The cost for a place on the course is $99 per person, with 40% of proceeds coming directly back to the Mautic Community.

Get your tickets right here (promo ends June 14):

June 15th, 12:30-16:30 UTC (click here to see in your timezone) 

Image of Mautinaut pointing at text announcing the training day on 15th June


This year we are also offering a great opportunity for marketers who are looking to take Mautic to the next level.

Join Senior Digital Consultant Mike Sullivan from Acquia who will be exploring:

  • Best practices for advanced segmentation
  • Creating complex campaigns leverage customer data, lead scoring and preferred channels of communications (preference center)
  • How to get the most out of forms
  • Reporting for emails, email sent and page hits

Free Tickets & Schedule

This two hour webinar is being offered free of charge.

Get your free tickets right here:

Session 1 - June 15th, 20:00 UTC (click here to see in your timezone)